Saturday, March 21, 2009

UVM Baseball Reinstatement Petition

Dear VBCA Members, Jeff Stetson contacted me and asked me to send on this message:

Adam- Could you get out an urgent email to all coaches asking them to
send their signed petitions to Ian Boyce asap. There is a chance some
new discussions are going to take place soon. Timing is everything
now. Stets

Here is a link to the petition so you can print it and have your team sign it.

Please mail the signed petition asap to:

Ian Boyce
12507 Chapelwood Place
Fort Wayne IN 46845

I have also included the syntax for the letter below if you'd like to
print your own copy on your own letterhead, have trouble reaching the
link above or printing from the page.

It's very encouraging that we could be making progress in restoring
these sports at UVM. We ask for your diligence and support on this
matter. Thanks for your time. Adam


We; by signing this petition are requesting the University of Vermont
to reconsider the decision to cut Varsity Baseball and Softball. We
are discouraged, disappointed, and frustrated that the only Division
one School in the State of Vermont has chosen to take away our ability
to pursue College Baseball and Softball at its highest level. We
realize these are economic hard times but feel the process was flawed.
Vermonters are known for finding away to support their own. We were
given no chance to find a way to be fiscally responsible and save the
game we love. Please give us that chance.


High School:

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