Friday, June 5, 2009

Championship Weekend - Help Needed

Championship Weekend:

Championship weekend at Centennial Field begins next week on June 11,
June 12, and June 13. Similar to last year, a three day set of games
at the ball park will stretch our capacity as an association. We need
your help. The VBCA is the lone organization working to create a
championship atmosphere for the players, coaches and fans. We provide
the amenities one would hope to see at a championship venue. Public
address announcer, music, 50/50 raffle, t-shirt sales, and of course,
the concession stand. None of these things would be possible without
the contribution of time by our membership manning these posts at the
ball park.

Please make every effort to attend the games and to work a variety of
shifts during championship weekend. The concession stand is critical
because it is the primary fund raiser that covers a variety of VBCA
expenses including the North-South Senior All-Star classic. The North-
South All-Star game will be played later this month on June 27 at
Woodstock High School.

Thank you to all of the familiar faces that we expect to see at the
ball park working the games. We hope to see new faces this year as
well. The more coaches in attendance available to work the better.
The three day event is a grind and we need all the help we can get.

Contact me soon if we can assist you as an organization by reserving
you a hotel room in the Burlington area. Let me know if there is
anything else we can do to support your willingness to work the games.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to seeing you at Centennial
Field next week. Good luck and good skill to the teams that will play
for the championship of their respective divisions.

Mike Brown
VBCA President

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